How to Schedule a Message in Anwhatsapp?

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If you have a business, you can set up reminders for subscription renewals or remind customers about their shopping carts on WhatsApp. It’s also good to send automatic welcome messages to new members and customers on WhatsApp.

An WhatsApp allows you to share text messages, images, videos, locations, and even money. To use these helpful features, you can schedule a WhatsApp message to say happy birthday or remind your friends about events.

Scheduling WhatsApp messages is important because it helps engage people and boost sales. So, are you ready to learn how to schedule messages on AN WhatsApp? Let’s start

How to Schedule a Message in Anwhatsapp?

Here’s a simple guide on how to schedule a message in WhatsApp:

  • Open the AN WhatsApp app.
  • Tap on the three dots at the top right corner.
  • Choose “Message Scheduler” from the options.
  • Tap the PLUS icon at the bottom right.
  • You’ll see three sections: “CONTACT”, “SPECIFIC TIMES”, and “MESSAGE TO SEND”.
  • Select the contact you want to message in the “CONTACT” section.
  • Set the desired time and date for sending the message in the “Specific Times” section.
  • Enter the text you want to send in the “MESSAGE TO SEND” area.
  • Finally, tap the “CHECK” button at the bottom right.
  • Your messages will be sent automatically at the specified time in the “specific times” section.

Why Should You Schedule WhatsApp Messages?

Two main groups of users want to schedule WhatsApp messages: users of WhatsApp and users of WhatsApp for Business. Here is why they schedule whatsApp messages.

1. Time Management

It helps you organize your communication by allowing you to compose messages when you have time and schedule them to be sent at a later, more convenient time.

2. Global Communication

If you need to communicate with people in different time zones, scheduling messages ensures they receive them during their waking hours, increasing the likelihood of timely responses.

3. Personal and Professional Use

Whether you’re scheduling messages for personal reminders, birthday wishes, or professional communications such as client updates or marketing campaigns, scheduling ensures that important messages are not forgotten.

4. Automation 

Scheduling messages can streamline your workflow by automating routine communications, saving you time and effort.

5. Avoid Disturbance 

It allows you to send messages at appropriate times without disturbing recipients during late hours or early mornings.


In short, as a business owner, learning how to schedule messages on WhatsApp can change the game for your business. Using the WhatsApp schedule message feature, you can ensure you send messages to clients, partners, or team members on time, even if you cannot send them manually. 


Yes, typically, you can adjust or delete scheduled messages before they’re sent. You’ll need to manage this within the scheduling app you’re using.

WhatsApp Scheduler is used for regular WhatsApp. However, for AN WhatsApp, you don’t need a separate scheduler; you can schedule messages directly within the AN WhatsApp app.

Typically, your phone must be turned on and connected to the internet for scheduled messages to be sent. If your phone is off when a message is scheduled, it won’t be sent until it is back on and connected to the internet.

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