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NameAN WhatsApp +10
Operating SystemAndroid
App CategorySocial Media
Size77.26 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4+
DeveloperAmmar ALawadi

In the previous version, ANWA +9, users were facing some issues in switching between multiple accounts. Considering the feedback and enthusiasm of users, Ammar Alwadi introduced AN WhatsApp+10, which made the account-switching method easy for everyone.

Not only that, but to improve the user experience, the icon was made golden. At the same time, the main screen and chat were given a green color, which can also change. So, AN WhatsApp +10 is more attractive than all other versions.

Apart from this, there is another new feature called ghost mode, which distinguishes AN WhatsApp+10 from other AN WhatsApp.

So, if you want to learn complete details about ANWA+10 APK to enjoy its latest features, let’s discuss

ANwhatsapp +10 Version apk downlod

Key Information about AN WhatsApp +10

NameAN WhatsApp +10 APK
Operating SystemAndroid
DeveloperAmmar ALawadi
App CategorySocial Media
Size77.26 MB
App VersionV36
RequireAndroid 4+

Overview of AN Whatsapp +10 APK

As an extensive WhatsApp user, I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered AN WhatsApp+10. This modded version takes the messaging experience to new heights. Right away, the redesigned home screen appealed to me with its attractive icon layout for quickly accessing key features.

I also love the boosted privacy controls like turning off message forwarding and fine view once media settings. The anti-ban protections give me the confidence to use the app freely without worrying about account suspension. Deleting anti-status is a nice touch for curating positive content.

 The most notable feature of switching over is smoothness, and it now feels like my daily messenger has a makeover. Overall, ANWhatsApp+10 streamlines my chatting with thoughtful upgrades. I highly recommend giving AN WhatsApp +10 a try to enjoy messaging in a whole new way.

Prominent Modded Features in AN WhatsApp +10

AN WhatsApp +10 sets itself apart with some prominent modded features. These capabilities customize and upgrade the messaging experience beyond standard WhatsApp. I’ll highlight the most significant modded features that make AN WhatsApp +10 a top choice for refined chatting.

New Privacy Controls

The newest version of AN WhatsApp +10 focuses heavily on enhanced privacy for users. Various improvements provide you with extra control over your talks and information. There are upgrades like Ghost Mode to hide read receipts and a new privacy checkup when setting up the app. 
A ‘Mark as Read’ option lets you manually flag messages read when blue ticks are off. Plus, there is an option to revert to the old layout if you prefer the classic interface. Let’s discuss them briefly.

Ghost Mode

One of the biggest additions is Ghost Mode. This lets you hide the second checkmark that shows when recipients read your messages. To enable, go to ANMods > Privacy and Lock > Ghost Mode. Now, your messages will arrive without that read receipt.

Mark as Read

Another privacy feature is the new ‘Mark as Read’ option. When you have the blue ticks disabled, this lets you manually mark messages as read.

New Privacy Checkup

There is also an entirely new privacy checkup flow when you set up the app. This walks you through important settings to secure your account.

How to Download and Install the AN WhatsApp +10 APK

If you want to upgrade your WhatsApp with excellent new features, then Installing the AN WhatsApp +10 APK is a prerequisite. Follow our quick guide to learn how to download the latest version and set it up on your device.

Downloading the APK File

First, you need to download the AN 10 WhatsApp file to your phone. Access your browser and look up “AN WhatsApp +10”. Download it from our website if you want an error-free and updated modded APK. Once the file finishes downloading, you can find it in your phone’s file manager app downloads folder.

Allowing App Installation

Before installing the AN WhatsApp +10 app, you need to allow app installation from “unknown sources .”Access your phone’s settings, see the menu, and identify the security section. Turn on the switch or check the box here that says, “Allow the download and installation of apps from unknown sources.” This permits you to set up applications from sources other than the Google Play Store.

Installing the App

Now, you can install the AN WhatsApp +10 APK download file by opening your file manager app and tapping the APK. A popup will appear confirming whether you want installation; tap on “install.” The app will now quickly install itself on your Android phone within seconds.

Launching the App

Once the AN WhatsApp +10 app finishes installing, you can launch it from your phone’s app drawer, where all apps are present. Click the AN WhatsApp +10 icon to open up the app for the first time.

Verifying Your Number

Upon launching the AN WhatsApp Plus 10 app, enter your full phone number to verify your identity. Type in your complete phone number with your country code and tap ‘Next’ to complete the login process.


The app has now been successfully installed and set up! You can begin chatting with friends normally. The complete setup only requires a brief few minutes if you follow all the steps.

Premium Features of WhatsApp+10 APK

WhatsApp+10 APK offers an array of premium features to make your messaging experience better. This modded version unlocks capabilities beyond regular WhatsApp. Read on to discover the key features that make WhatsApp+10 a must-have messaging upgrade.

Switching Over Multiple Accounts

One of the prominent features of ANWA+10 is that you can easily switch between multiple accounts on ANWhatsApp+10. This special capability allows you to log in to various accounts using the same application. 
You will not face any hustle to multiple WhatsApp copies to manage all your logins. With a few taps, you can toggle between accounts and pick up right where you left off in each one. It will make it easy to handle several accounts. The previous version had some issues with switching between accounts, but this latest update makes the process smooth and convenient.

Widgets on the Home Screen

You will see all the main features right on the home screen, and you will not need to hunt in menus anymore. The icons let you toggle dark mode, go offline, add accounts, search chats, and more. Everything is neatly arranged and easy to understand. With a tap, you can quickly access any WhatsApp function. The redesigned home screen makes using ANWhatsApp a good experience.

Auto Reject Call Option

It’s a super convenient feature that frees you from having to manually decline each call. You can now auto-decline calls in WhatsApp without any awkwardness. For that, just go to call settings and select ‘Nobody’ under ‘Who can call me.’ This will automatically reject all incoming calls. No more disturbances when you want to avoid calls. Try it out for seamless call blocking!

Easy Theme Customization

The app store offers fun themes to make chatting more enjoyable. You can customize WhatsApp to match your style. I chose an animated theme with colorful shapes and emojis. It was easy to download and made my chats attractive. Now, my WhatsApp looks unique. You should also try the custom themes; they make the app yours.

Save Media to the Gallery

No more hassles downloading and sharing everything individually. With one tap, you can have all media saved locally. Just go to the contact’s profile settings and turn off media visibility. This will let you view and save their media outside of WhatsApp. It’s a big time-saver and keeps your gallery organized. Give it a try!

Take Charge of Your Privacy

Having robust privacy controls is crucial on WhatsApp. With ANWhatsApp +10, you can take charge of your privacy. By disabling message forwarding, you prevent the spread of misinformation from your chats. With the view once media feature, you can open expiring photos and videos as many times as needed.
Not only this, you can also stop others from removing messages they’ve sent to you. In general, ANWhatsApp gives you increased command over your chats and data. Adjusting these settings is simple and gives you peace of mind that your chats stay private on your terms.

Anti-ban Feature

The developer has upgraded the anti-ban protections in this version. Now, use ANWhatsApp +10 with more confidence, and be assured that your account is protected from bans. This secures your chatting experience, so you can fully benefit from the app’s unique features without worry. With better encryption and privacy controls, your conversations stay private without the risk of account suspension. Try messaging freely and explore the exclusive capabilities of this modded WhatsApp.

Remove Unwanted Statuses

The delete anti-status feature lets you take charge of the content you see from contacts. It is all in your control to remove any negative or unwanted status updates on ANWhatsApp. This feature brings more positive messaging space for you. If someone shares an offensive status, you can swiftly delete it from your feed. Try it out to enjoy wholesome content from your WhatsApp network.

No More Forwarded Labels Messages

Removing the forwarded label delivers an overall cleaner chat interface. If you are tired of seeing “forwarded” labels on messages in WhatsApp, do not panic more; with ANWhatsApp+10, you can disable this tag completely. It creates a group chat experience that feels casual, like having a normal conversation. Take advantage of this setting to make your WhatsApp chats real and enjoy clear communications.

Fixes and Tweaks – An Extra Edge to AN WhatsApp+10

In addition to the prominent modded features described above, I have found some extra attributes that also address some functionality issues in AN WhatsApp+10. Let’s have a look at them.

Fix Activation

For those who were previously banned or blocked, now fix WhatsApp activation problems. This helps restore your account, getting it back up and running.

Fix Sending/Receiving

Bugs related to sending and receiving messages have now been addressed. This improves reliability on certain phones.

Fix Conversation Display

Before updates on fixing and opening multiple conversations as cards have been fixed for a smoother user experience, you can enjoy the smooth conversation now.

Last Words

In closing, I highly recommend AN WhatsApp+10 if you want to take your WhatsApp experience to the next level. As a long-time user, I found the upgrades extremely beneficial for seamless messaging. The dynamic home screen and boosted privacy controls are game changers for efficiently chatting while protecting your account.

Features like anti-ban technology and deleting anti-status make using WhatsApp a more pleasant experience. ANWhatsApp+10 removes friction from the app with smart improvement. Now, switching over is quick, advanced, and uncomplicated.

If you want a smoother, more personalized, and secure WhatsApp setup, this mod is a must-try. Download it today to message with fantastic new features made for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some major features include switching over multiple accounts in a single WhatsApp, anti-ban technology, boosted privacy controls, deleting anti-status, and disabling forwarded tags.

Yes, it incorporates strong security features to protect your account from bans. All your chats remain private.

No, the experience is completely ad-free. You get full access to all features with no disruptive ads.

Yes, when you set up the app, it will securely transfer your messages, media, and contact list.

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