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NameAN WhatsApp
Operating SystemAndroid
App CategorySocial Media
Size64 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4+
DeveloperAmmar ALawadi

Humans get bored of using the same thing repeatedly and desire change. The same feelings arise when looking at the standard green WhatsApp interface.

Noticing this monotony, Ammar ALawadi created a modified WhatsApp version with the standard features and included the latest additions. However, the most striking aspects of this mod are its beautiful themes, enhanced privacy, and sleek interface.

In addition to the fantastic look and feel, one feature that appealed to me the most is the ability to access multiple accounts and seamlessly switch between them using this ANWhatsapp +8 mod APK.

AnWhatsapp +8 Version Download

If you want to know all about it, from modified features to downloading it according to my personal experience, just scroll down, as I have discussed a lot.

Key Information About ANWhatsApp +8

NameAN WhatsApp+8 APK
Operating SystemAndroid
DeveloperAmmar ALawadi
App CategorySocial Media
Size64 MB
App Versionv36
RequireAndroid 4+

Overview of the AN WhatsApp+8 APK

AN WhatsApp+8 is a must-try messaging app for anyone looking to upgrade their chatting experience beyond regular WhatsApp. With the AN WhatsApp +8 APK, you unlock many exclusive mod features that enhance your control and privacy.

I love the ability to seamlessly customize chats, block unwanted calls, and share media. The app just makes messaging more fun and convenient. Additional tools like anti-delete messages, offline statuses, and chat backups provide much more flexibility. 

If you want to connect on your terms, avoid awkward chats, and express yourself creatively, AN WhatsApp +8 mod APK is the answer. The easy APK download is worth it for an app that delivers thoughtful upgrades you’ll use daily.

How to Download and Install AN WhatsApp +8?

Let’s learn how to download and install the AN WhatsApp +8 APK on your Android device. Downloading the latest version of this APK is quick and easy when you follow these simple steps.

  • Open your browser, and search for “AN WhatsApp +8 APK download”. Always download the APK file from a trusted website like this one.
  • Once you find the download link, tap on it. This will begin downloading the APK file to your device.
  • Open your file manager and find the AN WhatsApp +8 APK file after downloading.
  • Give the file a tap to start the easy installation process. To proceed, it might be necessary to activate the installation option from ‘unknown sources’.
  • Do whatever prompts you see on your screen including all the permissions and terms during the the installation process.
  • After installation, you can open AN WhatsApp +8 from your app drawer or home screen. Log in with your phone number to start using it.
  • If you are asked to complete any extra setup steps, do the same as it is necessary action for the app and customize settings. Your AN WhatsApp +8 app is now ready to use!
  • Refer to the app’s help section if you need any assistance using features or troubleshooting issues. Enjoy the enhanced capabilities of AN WhatsApp+8!

Premium Features of AN WhatsApp +8

AN WhatsApp +8 takes the popular messaging app to the next level with useful new capabilities. If you also want to explore what features it has let’s learn.

Efficient Control on Group Management

As an admin, you have more control over your groups; you can delete annoying messages that disrupt the chat. This keeps your groups peaceful and spam-free. Using the APK, I am able to see who all were past participants of my group, and it helps me keep track of members. So, with these valuable features, managing my groups is super easy now.

Robust Privacy Options

I like the enhanced privacy options in ANWA +8 that are not in regular WhatsApp. Being able to choose call rejection responses, control who sees me online, and turn off blue ticks for messages gives me more control over my privacy. These valuable features let me communicate on my terms without others knowing more than I want them to. If you want your privacy intact, try this app.


An outstanding feature I appreciate is the Anti-Delete Messages capability in AN WhatsApp+8. It is not available on official WhatsApp. It prevents others from deleting their messages in our chats, ensuring your conversations remain intact. I like recording all messages sent, even if the other person tries to erase them later. This helpful feature gives me confidence in the integrity of my chats.

Customized Chat

Awareness of all activities is crucial, and this modified version can customize privacy settings for individual and group chats. I like being able to fine-tune visibility and notifications for each conversation. The notifications if someone deletes a chat are handy, too, as that’s not possible in regular WhatsApp. These granular controls over chat privacy give me flexibility that I appreciate.

Notifications for Deleted Chats

Now, you are all informed about every activity on your messaging app through this mod APK. You get notifications when someone deletes a chat in WhatsApp+8. If I tell you about my experience, unlike normal WhatsApp, I stay aware of any changes made to my conversations on the app. Knowing if and when a chat is erased gives me the helpful context I’d otherwise miss. I like having this extra visibility that keeps me informed.

Full control of customization

Initially, I was unfamiliar with the fantastic features of AN WhatsApp +8 mod APK. As I tapped various functions in the app, I saw stunning attributes. Among the other features, this modded extension lets me customize WhatsApp in ways the official app doesn’t. I can change text fonts, icons, and more to make WhatsApp my own. Having control over the interface and beautifying chats with different visual styles. This level of customization enhances my experience beyond regular WhatsApp’s limited options.

Checks Over Calls

Now you can decide who can call you; AN WhatsApp+8 APK enables you to control calls. I have felt peace being able to turn off unwanted calls and only allow contacts I approve to reach me via calls is fantastic. This extra control makes me feel more secure and helps reduce disruptive calls. This feature lets me manage my availability, which standard WhatsApp does not provide.

Resend Messages

With AN WhatsApp+8, I can resend messages without them being labeled as “forwarded,” unlike regular WhatsApp. This beautiful feature allows me to share content confidently without that annoying forward tag. This option improves how I communicate and share, which standard WhatsApp does not qualify.

Blue Ticks For Replies

The blue ticks for replies in AN WhatsApp +8 mod APK are helpful compared to regular WhatsApp. Now, my contacts can see when I’ve read and responded to their messages, which isn’t possible on the standard app. I like having this extra communication indicator that improves conversations, especially since it’s a feature that regular WhatsApp lacks.

Offline Status in the Presence of the Internet

I have tried many modded WhatsApp APKs, but only ANWA +8  APK allows me to show an offline status even with an internet connection. It means you can control your online presence and avoid disruptions when you want to focus. 
If I share my experience with this feature, appearing offline while still using the internet gives me more flexibility in managing my availability. This extra control over my status is beneficial and not something the standard WhatsApp app provides.

Ability to See Deleted Statuses and Stories

Can you imagine that you can still view deleted statuses and stories in AN WhatsApp+8? Unlike Official WhatsApp, where they disappear. This feature lets you see content changes and helps you stay updated on your contacts’ posts. This continued access to statuses and stories is beneficial even if they’re removed. This handy feature keeps me in the loop, which standard WhatsApp does not allow.

Control over Blue Ticks

The blue ticks feature in AN WhatsApp +8 is helpful for me. I like that I can control when my ticks turn blue to show when I’ve read a message, and I can even hide my blue ticks so I can read messages without others knowing. This level of control over read receipts is not available in the official WhatsApp app, and I appreciate having more privacy. When you try AN WhatsApp+8 you’ll see how handy this is.

Extended Status Duration

The extended status duration does not match all the features I described above. You can extend your status duration beyond 7 minutes in AN WhatsApp +8 mod APK. But this is limited to regular WhatsApp. Having such flexibility with the length improves my experience with statuses.

Unique User Interface

The layout of ANWA +8 is so visually appealing with its excellent color schemes. A notable thing about the interface is that you can customize different themes for your accounts. The official WhatsApp offers a limited amount of customization. Once you try it out, I know you’ll greatly appreciate its decorating.

Maximum Image Sending Limit

Using AN WhatsApp +8 APK, I can send more than 20 images at once, going beyond the regular WhatsApp limit. Being able to share albums and collections of photos in one go makes messaging much more straightforward. Now, I have no worries about the restrictions on images sent using standard WhatsApp. Using this feature enhances my chatting experience.

Enhanced Video Size Limit

This modified version allows you to send videos up to 700 megabytes in size using it. Regular WhatsApp doesn’t reach this level of capability. Sharing high-quality and longer videos smoothly is helpful and makes this app distinct from others.

Extra Features in AN WhatsApp+8

Before summing up the features, I would love to describe the extra features of AN WhatsApp +8 mod APK, like the fun new emojis, filtering unread messages, and translating messages right in the app, which are unavailable in regular WhatsApp. The call rejection messages are helpful, too. When you try AN WhatsApp+8, you’ll see how these extra features improve the messaging experience.

What New Features Were Added in AN WhatsApp +8?

The latest AN WhatsApp +8 update brings great additions that enhance the messaging experience. There are new iOS emoji packs, options for backing up chats and media, pinned messages in private chats, and the ability to edit sent messages.

Group admin features like viewing all member messages and pinned content are now enabled. Chat transfer between devices is also possible without Google Drive. Official WhatsApp features like locked conversations and group member profile photos are also supported.

This update resolves previous crashes, updates styles, and provides general fixes and optimizations. With improvements like more emojis, better backups, pinned messages, and group controls, this ANWA +8 version offers useful new customizations for an even better messaging app.

Final Words

After exploring the many enhanced features that AN WhatsApp +8 has over regular WhatsApp, I highly recommend downloading it for a superior messaging experience. With extra privacy controls, anti-delete messages, unlimited views, customized statuses, and increased media sharing limits, AN WhatsApp +8 provides more flexibility and functionality. 

If you want greater control over your communications, avoid awkward situations, and share more seamless content, ANWA +8 APK is the better choice. The easy download is worth it when you consider all the thoughtful additions that improve chatting and let you connect on your terms, unlike standard WhatsApp’s limitations.

Frequently Asked Questions

AN WhatsApp+8 is safe when you get it from trusted sources like this website and the link on the page. It offers you multiple features in a single place as compared to the official WhatsApp

Right now you can only get AN WhatsApp+8 on Android devices. There has yet to be a version for iOS.

To get new ANthemes in AN WhatsApp+8, go to the ANMods section and select Universals, then choose ANthemes. This will open the theme library, where you can browse and download additional theme options to customize the look of your chats.

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