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February 12, 2024


Andriod 4+

In today’s world, many people rely on WhatsApp for both professional and personal communication. Business people often use it for work purposes, while teenagers use WhatsApp to connect with relatives and friends. However, some of these may find the original WhatsApp experience a bit dull due to the lack of more advanced features.

ANWhatsApp +4 comes with a lot of features that let you customize the appearance of WhatsApp. You can choose from different themes and fonts to give it a unique look. AN4 WhatsApp introduces exciting features that allow you to send large videos and documents with ease. The best thing is that you can switch between multiple accounts easily, making it convenient if you use more than one account. Let’s explore more about the AN 4 WhatsApp.

What is AN WhatsApp +4?

ANWhatsApp +4 is an alternative to the original WhatsApp and retains all the simple features that are present in the original WhatsApp. However, it goes a step further by offering a lot of additional and interesting features. So, it’s important to stay updated by regularly checking for new updates. Each update brings additional features to ensure that your chatting experience keeps getting better.

AnWhatsapp +4 Download

What’s even better is that ANWhatsApp +4 comes at no cost to the user. AN4 WhatsApp is not only compatible with mobile devices but can also be used on PCs and desktop computers. Download AN4 WhatsApp now and surprise your friends with its enhanced capabilities.

Additional Information

NameAN WhatsApp
Operating SystemAndroid
App CategorySocial Media
Size23 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4+
DeveloperAmmar ALawadi

Key Features

ANWhatsApp+4 offers unique features that you won’t find in other messaging apps. 

Multi-Language Support

You can use ANWhatsApp+4 in different languages. This feature makes it easy for people around the world to communicate easily.

Publish Large Files

Now, you can share big files like documents and videos without any restrictions. This feature allows business people to share big files smoothly. 

Story & Status Save

With this version of AN WhatsApp, you can save stories and statuses from your contacts. So you can enjoy them even after they disappear.

Call Blocking

You can control your communication by blocking unwanted calls. This feature prevents messages that cause a disturbance.

Anti-Ban Function

One great feature of ANWhatsApp+4 that I really like is that it’s very reliable and won’t ever get banned. Unlike apps like GBWhatsApp or YOWhatsApp, which might face bans at any time, ANWhatsApp+4 has a built-in anti-ban function, so you can chat without worrying about getting banned by WhatsApp.

Message Scheduler

One more outstanding feature is that you can schedule messages in advance. It helps you never miss an important message or deadline.

Hide Last Seen and Block

You can enhance your privacy by hiding your last seen status and easily blocking unwanted contacts.


This WhatsApp version is designed to be ban-proof. It ensures a secure and uninterrupted chat with your friends.

Calls and Status Privacy

You can enjoy extensive privacy settings for calls and status updates. It gives you control over who sees your activity.

Custom Privacy

You can personalize your privacy settings according to your preferences, fine-tuning your profile visibility.

WhatsApp Lock

An amazing feature is that you can secure your conversations with a lock feature. You use fingerprint, PIN, or pattern lock for extra security.

Invisible DND Mode

In this WhatsApp, you can enable an invisible Do Not Disturb (DND) mode. This feature helps you to stay undisturbed while maintaining your online presence.

If you’re not a fan of ANWhatsApp +4, there are other versions of the AN Whatsapp app that you can try. There are plenty of options, so you’re likely to find one that you really like. Give it a try and see how you can make your WhatsApp experience more personalized and enjoyable!

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Yes, ANWhatsApp 4 prioritizes user safety. It includes an anti-ban feature, reducing the risk of being banned compared to other modded WhatsApp versions.

Yes, ANWhatsApp +4 is designed to be compatible with both mobile devices and computers.

Yes, one of the standout features of ANWhatsApp 4 is its support for multiple accounts, allowing users to switch between accounts conveniently.


In short, WhatsApp allows you to view brief chats within the conversation. It lets you add frequently used words to the floating WhatsApp button. You can identify the group supervisor when the word “admin” appears next to their name.

Its unique features, commitment to user safety, and constant updates make it a reliable choice for those seeking an enhanced chatting experience. Download ANWhatsApp +4 now and explore the exciting possibilities it brings to your WhatsApp conversations.

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