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February 15,2024


Andriod 4+

Are you tired of the usual WhatsApp and want to try something fresh and fun? Meet ANWhatsapp latest Version, a cool version of the popular messaging app with exciting features. It has been downloaded more than 4 million times all around the world. A lot of people in countries like Pakistan, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, and Botswana have been downloading it a lot.

This WhatsApp is now at version 37.0 and comes with extra features that you can’t find in the regular official version. Don’t wait! Download Anwhatapp new Version now to enhance your messaging adventure. In this blog post, we’ll check out its features and show you how to download and install this awesome app easily. Let’s get started!

About ANWhatsApp

ANWhatsApp is a well-liked messaging app option similar to WhatsApp. It has a user-friendly design, letting users send voice messages, documents, photos, and videos easily. Group messaging is supported, and it comes with unique features like swiping to reply to messages. 

You can personalize the app with different themes and fonts to make it more their own. The app is free to download, with no subscription or fees required. It also offers regular updates to ensure users get the latest security features and bug fixes.

ANWhatsapp Latest Version APK V37

AN Whatsapp, the latest version of V37, was created by Ammar Alawadi. It got an update in Febraury 2024, making it the newest version available. This app has many features not found in regular Whatsapp. It allows you to fully personalize your profiles, offering more privacy compared to the original Whatsapp or if you are concerned about your social freedom and privacy on instagram then must download Honista

You can run multiple Whatsapp accounts on your phone, but you need to enable advanced settings in your phone’s settings. ANWhatsapp is not on the Google Play store, so you have to use a web browser to download it. In ANWhatsapp, you can pin more than 3 chats, and there’s greater privacy control.

AN Whatsapp V37 APk download

To download ANWhatsapp, you need to delete the original Whatsapp. Once you create an account, you’ll notice a golden theme, often referred to as “AN Golden Whatsapp.” This app also lets you back up your chats.

Additional Information

App NameANWhatsApp
App VersionV37
App RequirementAndroid 4+
App CategorySocial Media
DeveloperAmmar ALawadi
File size69MB

AnWhatsapp Key Features

Get ready to supercharge your WhatsApp experience with this amazing version! Here’s what makes it stand out:

Status Download

When you notice your friends sharing eye-catching statuses and witnessing their popularity grow, you may wonder where they get such content. A Whatsapp download provides a solution to this curiosity. 
Simply open the desired status, tap the download button at the bottom right, and the status will be saved to your phone’s gallery. Now, you can use the downloaded status as you wish. This feature is widely appreciated, and many people opt for ANWhatsapp for this specific purpose .

Send Large Files

The AN Whatsapp app goes beyond the usual limits, which is why it’s not an official app. One of its remarkable features is the ability to send up to 60 images simultaneously. But that’s not all; it takes things a step further by letting you effortlessly send large files and documents without any hassles.

So, it’s time to bid farewell to the official WhatsApp and step into the world of AnWhatsapp. Now, you can delight in sending hours of videos without any restrictions. 

Reply Automatically

Now, let’s discuss the fantastic features of this app, starting with the Auto Reply function. It is a really handy and crucial feature, especially for folks who have a lot on their plate. When you activate this feature, the app can automatically respond to messages without you having to check them each time someone sends you a text.
What’s even more convenient is that this feature works even when you’re not online. It comes in particularly handy for busy individuals, like business people. For them, a lot of  work can be quite hectic, but with this feature, they can customize automatic responses, making it easier to get back to their customers without missing a beat.

Customer Support Assistance

If you encounter any challenges while using the application or have ideas for enhancements, don’t hesitate to connect with the support team via their Telegram channel. Reach out for assistance with any problems you may encounter. They might consider adding new features in the upcoming app updates.

Last Seen Freezable

Once activated, this feature ensures that your last active status on WhatsApp remains hidden from your contacts. It is particularly beneficial for younger users. It serves as a valuable tool for maintaining a higher level of privacy regarding your online activities.
In the standard version of WhatsApp, when others notice you were online recently, there’s often an expectation for prompt responses. With this feature enabled, it eliminates the pressure for immediate replies to unnecessary inquiries or messages.

Group Boss Mod

With this ANWhatsapp feature, group management becomes a breeze. You can efficiently delete bothersome messages, maintaining a clean and organized group chat environment. This feature enhances your control over groups, providing a seamless and user-friendly group management experience.

Schedule Messages

The schedule messages feature, often considered a time-saving tool, can be particularly beneficial for individuals with busy schedules. For instance, if you’re a business professional frequently engaged in conversations with multiple people, this feature allows your responses to be automatically sent when someone messages you.
This capability proves to be a valuable time-saver. Simply compose your message, schedule it, and even if you’re not actively using the app, your responses will be delivered as planned. It proves especially handy during meetings to ensure your replies are sent automatically. It effectively manages your communication even when you’re occupied elsewhere.

Privacy Wizard

With this feature-rich app, you can customize creative responses to calls, giving you more control over your interactions. Decide who gets to see your online status, providing a personalized touch to your availability. Moreover, it manages those notorious blue ticks, granting you enhanced control over the visibility of your message read status. 

Editable Sent Messages

This feature is a real game-changer. Let’s say you send a message to your friend, and within a couple of seconds, you realize, “Oh no! I shouldn’t have sent that.” Here’s where the magic happens, you can edit that message instantly.
Simply touch and hold the message you want to edit, tap on the three dots at the top right, and select “edit.” Now, you can effortlessly modify your message without the other person knowing. It’s like having a quick undo button for those “oops” moments in your chats.

Hidden Chats

A widely appreciated feature among AN Whatsapp users is the hidden chat functionality. This feature allows you to safeguard specific conversations by concealing them from view. When you hide a chat, it becomes accessible only to you, providing an added layer of privacy.
This feature becomes especially useful when you receive messages that you prefer to keep private or sensitive. By hiding these chats, you ensure that only you can access and view them.
To implement this security measure, you need to set up a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint lock. This lock not only hides the chats but also serves as a barrier to access them. Without entering the correct PIN or pattern, accessing the hidden chats remains restricted, adding an extra level of confidentiality to your conversations.

Deleted Chat Alerts

Stay well-informed with ANWhatsapp! Receive notifications when someone deletes a chat that ensures you are always in the loop and aware of any changes happening in your conversations. This feature keeps you updated and in control of your messaging experience.

Call Commander

You can seize command of your calls with ANWhatsapp. You have the power to decide who can reach out to you, allowing you to filter and eliminate unwanted calls. This feature ensures a more streamlined and pleasant calling experience, putting you in control of your communication channels.

Chats Lock

ANWhatsapp offers a solution to safeguard your privacy and security in situations where others may have access to your mobile device. If your friends happen to borrow your phone and engage in inappropriate activities on your WhatsApp or send messages without your consent, ANWhatsapp has you covered. You can lock specific chats, ensuring the confidentiality of your conversations with loved ones or elders.
Additionally, the app allows you to lock the entire application from the settings. Enabling this feature not only enhances your privacy but also adds an extra layer of security to your conversations. Your friends will be surprised by the added protection. Consider it a way to pleasantly shock them! 

Incognito Resends

Resend messages seamlessly with ANWhatsapp without the “forwarded” tag. This unique feature allows you to maintain the original and authentic appearance of every message you resend. It’s a subtle touch that adds a layer of authenticity to your forwarded messages.

Offline But Online

Maintain a discreet online presence with ANWhatsapp! This feature allows you to appear offline while still being connected, granting you full control over when and how you engage with others. Stay incognito and manage your online visibility on your terms.

See it All

Keep a close eye on your contacts with ANWhatsapp! This feature allows you to view deleted statuses and stories, ensuring that you’re always in the know about the latest updates from your connections. Stay informed and connected with the happenings in your social circle.

Blue Ticks Strategy

Imagine your friend asks you a question that requires a detailed explanation, but you’re currently swamped with tasks. You plan to respond later, but accidentally, you open the chat. Now, if you don’t reply promptly, your friend might get upset.
Enter the Hide Blue Tick feature, a lifesaver in such situations. With this amazing feature, you can conceal the blue tick. So, if you unintentionally open the chat and read the message, your friend won’t be able to see the blue tick. It’s a fantastic solution to maintain smooth communication without the pressure of immediate responses.

What’s New to AN WhatsApp

Download the latest AN WhatsApp update from 2024 for added features. Now you can quickly view chats within conversations, use a floating button to send repeated messages and identify group admins when “admin” appears next to their name. With AN WhatsApp, you can manage multiple numbers in one app, stop internet access, and activate night mode. 

You can customize privacy settings for specific contacts, control media download preferences, and even change emojis, icons, fonts, and notification icons. AN WhatsApp+10 allows longer statuses, sending more images and larger videos, and unlimited message forwarding. Download now for and enjoy this WhatsApp with a lot of features.

How to Install ANWhatsApp on Android?

To install ANWhatsApp on your Android device, follow these steps:

  • Download AN whatsapp APK file and save it to a designated location on your device’s internal storage.
An WA 37 apk
  • Navigate to your device settings, choose the “Security” option, and enable the installation of apps from third-party sources.
change security for anwhatsapp installation
Click on install unknown apps
Allow Unknown sources for installing anwhatsapp
  • Locate the downloaded ANWhatsApp APK file and tap on it to initiate the installation process.
install anwhatsapp
anwhatsapp installation
Open Anwhatsapp in android
  • Once the installation is complete, the app will prompt you to verify your phone number.
agree and continue anwhatsapp
Anwhatsapp phone numbver
  • After successful verification, you can begin using the ANWhatsApp app for messaging and communication.
Anwhatsapp download for android
  • A pop-up notification may appear, offering to update the app to its latest version. This feature ensures that you stay current with the latest enhancements without the need for manual searches for updates.

How to Install ANWhatsApp on a PC?

To install it on your PC, follow these steps:

  • Obtain BlueStacks or NoxPlayer by downloading and installing either emulator on your computer.
Download An Whasapp in Nox Player
  • Download the AN WhatsApp APK file and save it in your PC storage.
An WA 37 apk desktop
  • Launch the emulator and navigate to the directory where you stored the AN WhatsApp APK file.
AnWhatsapp in Emulator
  • Install the app by dragging and dropping the APK file into the emulator.
WIndows An Whatsapp installation
  • Once installed, open the app and complete the verification process by verifying your phone number.
anwhatsapp download for windows pc

Upon opening the app, you may encounter a prompt suggesting an update to the latest version.

Difference Between ANWhatsApp And WhatsApp

FeatureAN WhatsappOfficial Whatsapp
Dark theme✔️✔️
Auto reply✔️
Editable msg✔️✔️
Larger files✔️
Status download✔️
Customizable themes✔️
Deleted message visible✔️
Hide blue tick✔️
Chat lock✔️
Hide Chats✔️
Hide forward tag✔️

Final Verdict

What defines ANWhatsapp is its commitment to user empowerment, from automatic replies and editable messages to hidden chats and an incognito mode. It is mainly designed for Android users, which is why the format may limit its accessibility on iPhones.  

In essence, ANWhatsapp is not just a messaging app; it’s an invitation to reshape your narrative in the world of communication. If you’re ready to transcend the ordinary, it awaits with its distinctive features and a promise of a messaging experience beyond expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

While ANWhatsapp is indeed unofficial, it is essential to note that its usage might be against the terms of service. Despite this, many users have reported using it without facing any account bans. If you’re looking for a laid-back experience, feel free to use it without worrying too much. No need to stress; just use and enjoy the app.

This application is exclusively designed for Android users. Attempting to download it on an iPhone won’t work because it comes in the form of an APK file, and iPhones do not support APK files.

Yes, using ANWhatsapp, you can send messages to those people who are using the official version of whatsapp. 

Absolutely! Upon downloading and installing the app, you have full control to customize your profile, and it’s user-friendly.