How to Hide a Forwarded Tag in AN WhatsApp?

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Is there a way to hide forwarded tags when you send messages? Forwarding messages is a common practice on the platform, but sometimes, you should keep the message’s origin discreet. Whether for personal reasons or to maintain the flow of conversation, finding a method to hide forwarded tags could be valuable. 

You can apply tricks to hide those tags and keep your messages looking clean. Let’s explore how to hide a forwarded tag in AN WhatsApp. By following this guide, you can maintain the flow of conversation without any unnecessary distractions.

How to Hide a Forwarded Tag in AN WhatsApp?

Below is a guide detailing how to hide forwarded tags within AN WhatsApp Apk:

  • Open AN WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Tap the three dots in the top right corner.
  • Choose “ANMods” from the menu.
  • Select “Privacy and Lock.”
  • You’ll see “General privacy settings” first.
  • Under “General privacy settings,” find “Disable Forwarded” and toggle it on.
  • Forwarded tags will now be hidden in your AN WhatsApp.

Following these steps, you can easily hide forwarded tags in AN WhatsApp.

What Are the Benefits of Hiding Forwarded Tag?

However, there are several benefits of Hiding Forwarded Tags.

  • You gain an extra layer of privacy by hiding the Forwarded tag with AN WhatsApp. Others won’t know if you’re forwarding messages or composing your own.
  • Hiding the Forwarded tag significantly reduces clutter in WhatsApp message windows. With the tag hidden, its space is freed up. 
  • Some messages get forwarded multiple times, resulting in an advanced forwarded mark. When you hide the Forwarded tag, these extended marks disappear, making your messages appear fresh and original.

You can communicate more efficiently using AN WhatsApp with only the essential messages visible.


To sum up, hiding forwarded tags in AN WhatsApp has its perks. It boosts privacy, cleans up message clutter, and keeps conversations smooth. Just follow the steps mentioned earlier, and you’re good to go. So, with this feature, chatting on AN WhatsApp becomes a breeze.


AN WhatsApp doesn’t offer the option to hide forwarded tags selectively. All forwarded tags will be hidden once you toggle the “Disable Forwarded” feature.

No, hiding forwarded tags only affects how the messages appear on your device. Your contacts will still receive the messages without changing the content or appearance.

Yes, you can easily revert to showing forwarded tags in AN WhatsApp. Go back to the “Privacy and Lock” settings and toggle off the “Disable Forwarded” feature.

No, hiding forwarded tags is a personal preference and doesn’t send any notifications to your contacts. It’s a purely visual change on your device.

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