AN Whatsapp vs GB Whatsapp : Why AN Whatsapp?

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AN Whatsapp Apk is a popular alternative to regular WhatsApp, offering many extra features that enhance your chatting experience. It was developed by Ammar Al Awadi, loved by people for its unique functionalities.

When you download the latest version of AN Whatsapp Apk, you’ll see why people prefer it over the other standard WhatsApp. With ANWhatsapp, you can customize your chat background and interface and add various elements to personalize your chats. It allows you to send large videos and documents hassle-free.

In contrast, GB Whatsapp is an unofficial version of WhatsApp that has been upgraded with additional features. Like other alternative versions of WhatsApp, GB Whatsapp provides more functionalities than the official version. Let’s explore the key differences and similarities of these moded whatsapp versions.

Difference Between AN WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp

FeatureAN WhatsappOfficial Whatsapp
Auto Reply✔️✔️
Large File✔️✔️
Golden Theme✔️
Status Download✔️✔️
Multiple Accounts✔️✔️
Lite Weight✔️
Best Design✔️

What Is AN Whatsapp?

AN Whatsapp, developed by Ammar AL Awadi, received its latest update in Feb 2024, making it the most recent version available. It offers numerous features that are not present in the standard WhatsApp. With AN Whatsapp, you have full control over customizing your profile, and it provides enhanced privacy options compared to WhatsApp.

You can manage multiple WhatsApp accounts on one device with AN Whatsapp, but you must enable advanced settings on your mobile phone. Unlike regular WhatsApp, you won’t find AN Whatsapp on the Google Play store; you can only download it through web browsers. In ANWhatsapp, you can pin over 3 chats and enjoy increased privacy settings.

To install AN Whatsapp, you must first delete the standard WhatsApp. Once installed, you’ll notice a golden theme, leading many to refer to it as “AN Golden Whatsapp.” Additionally, AN Whatsapp allows you to back up your chats.

What is GB Whatsapp?

GB Whatsapp is another version of WhatsApp that’s been enhanced with extra features. Like other alternative versions of WhatsApp, GB Whatsapp isn’t official, but it offers more features than the standard version.

Despite WhatsApp being used by the people worldwide, many aren’t aware of GB Whatsapp. If people knew about these alternate versions, they might download either GB Whatsapp or AN Whatsapp for its additional features.

GB Whatsapp, like AN Whatsapp, provides numerous customization options. Developed by a third party, it allows you to send large files, hide your online status, hide when you’re typing, and even use multiple accounts within the same app. Give it a try to explore these added functionalities.

Comparison Of An WhatsApp and GB Whatsapp

Here are the comparison features of both WhatsApp and GB Whatsapp. 

1. Auto Reply

Both AN Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp offer auto-reply features. It allows you to set up automatic responses to messages. This feature enhances convenience for busy users in both apps.

2. Sending Large Files

Both apps allow you to send up to 60 images and large files, making media sharing easier. This feature is identical in both AN Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp. But in WhatsApp you can share large files of 700 MB which is not possible with GB Whatsapp.

3. Download Status

AN Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp both allow download statuses. 

4. Anti-Ban Protection

AN Whatsapp ensures high-level security with anti-ban protection, prioritizing the safety of your account. GB Whatsapp also offers privacy protection, but AN Whatsapp’s focus on anti-ban protection may be perceived as a stronger security measure.

5. View Deleted Messages

AN Whatsapp allows you to view messages deleted by the sender, providing additional insight into conversations. This feature is not available in GB Whatsapp. It gives  AN Whatsapp an edge in this aspect.

6. Hide Forward Tag

An Whatsapp allows you to forward messages without others knowing, enhancing privacy. This feature is not available in GB Whatsapp. It gives An Whatsapp an advantage in terms of privacy protection.

AN Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp offer features like auto-reply, large file sending, and customizable themes. But AN Whatsapp stands out with additional features like anti-ban protection, the ability to view deleted messages, and hiding the forward tag. These features contribute to AN Whatsapp being perceived as a better option for those seeking enhanced security and privacy.


In short, when comparing AN Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp, AN Whatsapp comes out on top. It offers better security and privacy features like anti-ban protection, seeing deleted messages, and hiding the forward tag. So, if you want a safer and more private messaging experience, AN Whatsapp is the way to go. Download AN Whtsapp from the provided link. 


Yes, using AN Whatsapp and GB whatsapp are safe to use .

Both AN WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp allow you to manage multiple accounts on a single device.

Both are the modded version of WhatsApp. However, AN WhatsApp is better than GB WhatsApp because of its unique features like Anti-Ban, the  Golden theme, and the capability to send larger files. AN WhatsApp is lighter and has a more polished design than GB WhatsApp despite sharing similar features like status downloads, auto-reply etc.

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